Too many sites, too little time

The following is a quote from me on another one of my blogs,

I’m really starting to think that I’m trying to run too many sites and not able to give any one of them the attention that it would need to really grow. As of right now I have something like 5 blogs up and running 2 corporate home pages and a hand full of Internet Marketing sites. This is a sad realisation for me because I’ve really grown attached to some of the domains over the last few years.

I’m not really sure what I may do with some of the domains that I will not have time to update. Should I take them down by removing DNS entries? Should they serve up a blank index page? Should I 301 redirect them to one of my other sites? Quite a few choices here really.

The original plan was to use the separate sites to try to keep work and personal stuff separate but as time has gone on it has become more and more mixed together where people from work know my online pseudonyms and a few people from online know my work information so that isn’t as much of a concern anymore.

I’ll be keeping everything up with a few more updates or maybe leave everything as is until I come up with a final solution that makes sense.

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