Monthly Archives: May 2008

WordPress 2.5 Permalink Redirect Plugin Issues

I was just trying to convert my permalink structure from 




This seems like it would be a trivial thing to do with the Permalink Redirect Plugin. I followed the instructions and then was getting 404s on the old links. I don’t really have time to dig into it now but I’m guessing it has something to do with the .html in my original link structure. Maybe some regular expression issue.

I’ll take another look at it in the future. I would like to find a way to do this without manually coding mod_rewrite rules. I’m open to anyone leaving comments and I’ll be sure to post anything I find out.

Grace Elizabeth Campbell – Too cool for the womb

My wife and I went to the OB today for a scheluded appointment. My wife is 36 weeks pregnant and getting ever closer to popping like a thing of Jiffy Pop on the stove. While we were there we had it confirmed that she is measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, ie she is measuring like she’s 38 weeks.

This is a good thing becuase it means we don’t have to wait as long to meet my daughter. From what I understand anything over 37 weeks is pretty much as good as full term. That being the case there really is no down side to her coming early.

This has reminded me that I need to hurry up and decide what I’m going to do on a site I bought for her when we actually decided on a name, Right now it has drupal 6 up and running and I think it does a fine job for displaying the few posts I have up on it.

I’ve recently been coding a plugin for WordPress to integrate the ebay EPN network so you can manage auction items in your posts. I’m leaning towards making it something like BANS but its still really early in development.

That being said, I’m really starting to like WordPress more and more. It is very good at what it does, giving you a way to post stories and posts. The admin interface, especially in 2.5 is such a pleasure to work with. Everything feels right about it. Being that it is WordPress you also get all of the other nifty plugins that other people have created, like the All in one SEO plugin and the WPG2 plugin to integrate Gallery2 into WordPress.

I suspect I’ll be making a final decision in the next week or so. I’m mostly looking for something that I can build up with her pictures and little things she does over the years.

Shards of Dalaya – EverQuest 1 only Free?

A few weeks ago my brother sent me a link to Shards of Dalaya. I didn’t have much time to look at it when he originally sent it because I was busy with work stuff. Just yesterday I was at his place and happend to see what I thought was EverQuest 1 up on his computer. He was out in the other room and I decided to sit down and look around to see what it really was. After a few minutes he came in and confirmed that it was in fact EverQuest 1 but not really. It seems that Shards of Dalaya is EverQuest 1 but on emulated or reverse engineered servers.

Years ago when EverQuest 1 was the MMORPG big kid on the block my wife, then girlfriend, were huge into it. When We both finally sat down and talked to him and learned more about it we were both dieing to try it out.

Within an hour of being back at our house she had EverQuest 1 setup and patched and was logging into Shards of Dalaya. As of the time I’m writing this I still am futzing with it to get it to work. Shes running it on her older Alienware desktop, a 2.4GHz P4 with 1GB of memory. It runs just as good as It did back in the day if not better because she’s using a better video card now that she was before.

I’m spending time poking it trying to get it to work because I don’t have a Windows desktop or gaming box handy at the moment. I’m going to give it a shot in VMware Fusion on my Macbook and on my old HP Presario R3250. I’m not holding out much hope that I’ll get it working but worst case is I’ll wait till next week once I can get one of my computers home from work.