Sylvania 6842THG still broken after being repaired

I’ve posted previously about my unhappiness with Sylvania and Funai Corp in regards to the Sylvania 6842THG 42″ plasma TV I own. My level of satisfaction had done nothing but do down each and every time I have an interaction with them.

I received a phone call last week from a shipping company telling me that they had my TV and to schedule a drop off. I was excited to say the least. It had been about two months sense I had finally had it picked up for repair. I couldn’t wait to watch HD TV and play some GTA IV in HD again. 

The TV sat all boxed up at my parents house for a few days until I could stop by and pick it up to bring it home. Before I brought it home I wanted to make sure the blue / purple pixels had actually been fixed so we hooked up an Xbox with XBMC and let it run on screen saver mode for hours. Everything looked great. I didn’t see a hint of the blue / purple pixels.

Cut to today. After work today I drove over and my brother helped me load up the TV for the drive to my house. The TV made it home safe and sound. My wife couldn’t wait to have it hooked up so while she made dinner I hooked it up. HDMI to the Xbox 360, coax to the wall, original Xbox to input 1. We were set.

The first thing we watched was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. We both thought we saw a hit or a flash of the blue or purple but not enough to really make us question it. After the show she recommended some GTA IV.

I dive right in. Driving around shooting guys. It’s great. I make a left under a bridge and the scenery goes from mostly light outside to dark inside and boom there it is. The blue / purple is back. Oh wait what is this? It is easily 10 times worse off than it was before I sent it in. This is great. I hate this tv. I hate Sylvania and Funi Corp.

I turn to my friend Google to see if I can come up with any sort of reason why this is happening other than “There is something wrong with the TV”. Some people suggest that it could be as simple as the HDMI connector causing problems. I needed to let the TV scan all the channels so I could get the digital ones back.

Once the TV is scanning channels the blue / purple goes away. It was like magic. It was there one second and gone the next. While it was scanning channels I swapped out the HDMI cable with the component cables.

Scan finishes no blue or purple. Ok so maybe it was the HDMI. Back to GTA IV. not two minutes into the game its back, just as before. I’ve taken a few pictures of it and plan to call Funi Corp or Sylvania or who ever I can get on the phone tomorrow and try to find out what exactly was done to fix my TV and what can be done about it in its current state.

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