Update on my Sceptre X9

In my last post about my broken Sceptre X9 I was waiting for the capacitors to arrive. I’ve been busy and have not had a chance to post an update until now. The monitor is back to working 100% of the time. All told it cost me less than $10.00 in parts and about 30 minutes of time.

Of the four capacitors that are on the power supply I only ended up replacing one. There was one that was defiantly bad. The top was popped up and split open and it didn’t smell to great. I thought about replacing the other three with new ones while I had it apart but ended up not wanting to fix things that were not broken (yet).

I’m not sure how long this fix will really last before the other three go bad and I have to do it all over again but at least this time I’ll have the extra capacitors I need on hand.

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