Vote-scam fliers target black philadelphia neighborhoods

This is crazy. I would say its a new low for the GOP but it isn’t The GOP has stepped up to the plate once again and swung for the fences. According to the Philadelphia Daily News there has been an anonymous filer being passed around some black neighborhoods in philadelphia warning residents that there will be undercover officers arresting people with outstanding warrants.

I guess the Republican plan has changed to keep people from voting so they have a chance of pulling off a win in this election. I wonder if they are still holding that Diebold card up their sleeve. If you can’t win an election by votes on your own and you don’t have friends to help you buy or rig the election there really is only one answer.

Keep the other side from voting there by making your sides votes count for more.

If by some chance the republicans do win, I wonder how long it will take before we get a knock on the door from the gestapo asking us for our papers.

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