If you are eligible to vote. Please do it. Your country needs your help. Stand up. Be heard.

With the election coming up soon everyone needs to be registered. If you are eligible to vote please, please go register. Every vote counts. Unless you are in Florida. Going by past elections Florida’s votes are bought and sold or all together throw away and then new votes are made up.

We as a people need to stand up and make sure that our government will talk to us like adults, not talk down to us like children which is what the last 8 years have been like. They tell us things because we can’t handle it. We don’t have our big boy pants on. I think we all know how well that has gotten us. 

Do the right thing. Vote for someone who has more going for them than they were a prisoner of war and has a side kick who is nothing more than a piece of ass. If you think about it, does the fact that he was a prisoner of war mean he wasn’t very good at his job? 

I just want to know that something will change; Anything. We can’t take the same ideas and policies that we have had for the last 8 years. It doesn’t work.

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