Florida Amendment 2: Ban on Gay Marriage – Shame on Florida.


Stop being a prick. You need to realize that you really are not part of the ‘south’. Don’t feel bad. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the south lost and it will not rise again. This is was your chance to get up from the kiddie table and come sit with the grown ups. You were ok with a black guy running the show but those dirty crazy gays getting married, that was too much?

I really thought we would do the right thing and give everyone equal rights. Every black person who voted Yes on Amendment 2 you should keep an eye out for colored only water fountains and restrooms. If fags can’t get married why should you have you get to share our water fountains, maybe you’ll get black germs on them and the little white girls will get them, better be safe than sorry right? Women who voted Yes on Amendment 2 why were you out voting? Shouldn’t you have been in the kitchen making pies? After all, thats what women are for right? Voting is serious business I don’t know if your little minds can handle it.

In closing. Good fucking job Florida. Way to show off just how fucked up we are. Black guy for president A-OK. Fags and lezzies want to show they love each other not ok.

I don’t know if I should be angry or just go sit in the corner and be sad at how shitty this is.

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