Puzzle Pirates – How my computer was tainted.

Last year I was turned on to Puzzle Pirates by Three Rings. If you don’t know anything about Puzzle Pirates, it is a MMORPG where you are a pirate and you join a crew and sail around attacking other people. You control the sailing and attacking and pretty much everything else through the act of playing puzzle games.

I played the game for a few days before I thought that there must be some way to autopilot the puzzles which would allow me to make in game money for doing little work. After a small amount of research I fount SCAR Divi.

SCAR Divi seems to be mostly centered around building bots for RuneScape. I have written several bots for Macroquest 2 back in the day so I figured writing a puzzle solver for Puzzle Pirates wouldn’t be too difficult.

In the span of a few hours I threw together a simple proof of concept bot that would play the Bilging game pretty well. I tinkered with it here and there for a few days and ended up with a pretty capable bot that would sit and play Bilging for hours on end making me a tidy sum of pieces of eight.

I’m betting that Three Rings didn’t like the fact that I had several accounts running my little bot for days on end which is probably why my computer was tainted.

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