Making iTerm’s option+delete working like it does in Terminal

Back before Leopard and the tabbed I was using iTerm. I iTerm, I did everything I wanted. Leopard came along and with it the new Hello tabs. With this new tabbed I no longer needed iTerm. As time went on I had pretty much forgotten all about iTerm. Just the other day a friend tweeted about iTerm which made me download it and give it another try.

Things I love about iTerm.

  • Fuzzy transparency for a background
  • More of an Xterm like feel

Things I missed.

  • Option + Delete = delete previous word

The option + delete may not seem like such a huge deal but I used it all the time. After a bit of googling I’veĀ  found a simple way to make it work like it should.

Open the Manage Profiles window (Bookmarks -> Manage Profiles). Select the keyboard layout you use, and make sure +Esc is selected.


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