App-perlbrew, rvm for Perl?

Rvm seems to be pretty popular with the Ruby / Rails crowd. It lets you install and switch between different versions of Ruby really easily. I have been working on more and more Perl code and wanted to find something similar so that I can make sure the code that is currently working with Perl 5.6 will continue to work with 5.12.

I found App-perlbrew the other day and have been using it and so far it seems pretty compilable to rvm.

Installing a local copy of Perl is as easy as

$ perlbrew install perl-5.12.2

You can then list your installed versions of perl with

$ perlbrew list
* /usr/bin/perl

One thing that bugged me was it didn’t tell me the version of Perl /usr/bin/perl was. The nice thing about open source is the ability to modify it to do what you want, which is exactly what I did.

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