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Update on my Sceptre X9

In my last post about my broken Sceptre X9 I was waiting for the capacitors to arrive. I’ve been busy and have not had a chance to post an update until now. The monitor is back to working 100% of the time. All told it cost me less than $10.00 in parts and about 30 minutes of time.

Of the four capacitors that are on the power supply I only ended up replacing one. There was one that was defiantly bad. The top was popped up and split open and it didn’t smell to great. I thought about replacing the other three with new ones while I had it apart but ended up not wanting to fix things that were not broken (yet).

I’m not sure how long this fix will really last before the other three go bad and I have to do it all over again but at least this time I’ll have the extra capacitors I need on hand.

Broken Backlight in Sceptre X9

My brother was having issues with his Sceptre X9 19″ LCD recently. It would power up and show the display for a second or so then go dark. He was still in college at the time and didn’t want to fuss with it so he bought a new 20″ LCD and gave me the old 19″ to look at and try to fix. It sat in my garage for months collecting dust and getting dirty.

Tonight I decided to pull it out, clean it up and see what was wrong with it. Sure enough it was doing the same thing to me. I tried different cables and power cords with no change. After some Googling I found this.

It seems that the capacitors on the ac/dc inverter go bad and cause the backlight to not work. After pulling the case off and stripping the LCD down, I find that of the 4 capacitors one has popped. After some more reading It seems you can get replacement capacitors pretty cheap online.

I only had one capacitor that was defiantly bad but because of how cheap the parts were I decided to get replacements for all 4 capacitors.

I ended up with 470uF 25V High Temp Radial Capacitor x2 and 1200uF 10v Capacitor x2 shipped for under $10.00.

Once the parts arrive and I solder them in I’ll post an update but I’m sure that $10.00 worth of parts just fixed a $300 monitor.