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Florida Amendment 2: Ban on Gay Marriage – Shame on Florida.


Stop being a prick. You need to realize that you really are not part of the ‘south’. Don’t feel bad. I’ll let you in on a little secret, the south lost and it will not rise again. This is was your chance to get up from the kiddie table and come sit with the grown ups. You were ok with a black guy running the show but those dirty crazy gays getting married, that was too much?

I really thought we would do the right thing and give everyone equal rights. Every black person who voted Yes on Amendment 2 you should keep an eye out for colored only water fountains and restrooms. If fags can’t get married why should you have you get to share our water fountains, maybe you’ll get black germs on them and the little white girls will get them, better be safe than sorry right? Women who voted Yes on Amendment 2 why were you out voting? Shouldn’t you have been in the kitchen making pies? After all, thats what women are for right? Voting is serious business I don’t know if your little minds can handle it.

In closing. Good fucking job Florida. Way to show off just how fucked up we are. Black guy for president A-OK. Fags and lezzies want to show they love each other not ok.

I don’t know if I should be angry or just go sit in the corner and be sad at how shitty this is.

Pictures showing Obama being a real person

A friend sent these to my wife and she in turn sent them to me. These pictures seem to really show Barack Obama as a real person, doing things normal people do. Picture “K”, “D”, and “J” really show what seems to be a normal Father / Husband and working man.

What the election needs to really get people interested: Ninjas vs Pirates

I was just reading a post on Jen’s blog and I don’t agree with a lot of what she has to say, mostly because she is one of those crazy right wing republicans (if you read this, you know I don’t hold it against you) and I am pretty much as far left as you can on the liberal scale.

Her post does bring up a good point though. You see crap tons of advertising for shows for the fall TV season and you’ll see a bunch more once the election is over and they start to push spring TV. Why don’t the campaigns put out some really good ads?

I have some ideas guys. Trust me America can’t handle these which would make them great.

One day in 1767, when the young warrior left his village to find wood to make a drum, he was attacked by four men who surrounded him and took him captive. Kunta awakens to find himself blindfolded, gagged, bound and prisoner of the white men. Haley describes how they humiliate the young warrior by stripping him naked, probing him in every orifice, and branding him with a hot iron. He and others are put on a slave ship for a nightmarish three month journey to America.

  • Sara Palin in a bikini in a beer commercial. This one is great because it could air during Sunday football and would score really well with me.
  • How about John McCain in a robe wondering around a house looking for his slippers?
These commercials would help to get young people to start talking about and maybe even giving a shit about where this country is going to go in the next four years.