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pythonbrew, perlbrew minus Perl plus Python

Recently I wrote about App-perlbrew and wondered if something similar existed for Python. A friend of my showed me pythonbrew. Pythonbrew seems to be directly inspired by perlbrew, it has a very similar command structure and syntax.

Both pythonbrew and perlbrew have a predefined list of supported versions of Python and Perl respectively. It is my personal opinion that this isn’t a good thing. Both Python and Perl list their released versions on their sites and it would be trivial to parse that information. I have a patch for perlbrew that does just that. I have started working on one for pythonbrew today and hope to have it finished and tested in a few days. I should probably send a pull request for the perlbrew patch as it doesn’t do anyone much good sitting in my repository.

Farmville Bot – The beginning.

I’ve been playing Farmville recently on Facebook. The concept is simple, you plant things then harvest them for experience points and money. You then use the money you made to plow the fields and buy seed to do it all over again.

I’ve seen  some of my friends level really quickly and don’t have time to sit around and play the game all day so I figured it would be an interesting challange to write a bot to play the game for me. In the past I’ve used SCAR Divi in the past to write a bot for Puzzle Pirates so I think I try writing a bot for Farmville and post the results and possible the code.

Django – rapid development and you. Great on toast!

I’ve been coding python for over two years now. I’ve mostly used it for console back end applications. Talking to Postgresql or Sqlite. I love Python. Before Python I was doing pretty much the same tasks with Perl. I’m not going to go into the Python vs Perl thing now but I will say that Python is a much, much more friendly language to use.

I got into Django with the 1.0 release. Developing with Django is fast. Crazy Fast. The Django ORM makes dealing with the database an extremely pleasant experience. Looking for a post with the slug ‘hey-i-am-the-post-you-are-looking-for’? Its as simple as Model.objects.get(‘hey-i-am-the-post-you-are-looking-for’).

Django follows the DRY principle. Don’t Repeat Yourself. The thing that I miss the most when dealing with other web frameworks, like CakePHP is the lack of  get_absolute_url(). I love that there is just one place where you define the url structure to a type of object. Want to change all of the links to your posts from /posts/<slug> to /not-posts/<slug>? Easy, change the value of get_absolute_url() in the Posts model.

With Django you can go from an idea for a webapp to a fully functional site in an afternoon. Django’s ORM is great to use even if you are not going to be using Django to build a web site. If you have not, spend an afternoon with Django. Get cozy. Learn to love it.

Puzzle Pirates – Is your computer tainted?

If your computer claims to be tainted by Three Rings‘ game Puzzle Pirates then you can’t create a new account. There is an easy way to fix this.

  1. Uninstall Puzzle Pirates.
  2. Remove hash.dat.
  3. Install Puzzle Pirates.
  4. Create account.

I’m not sure where the file lives in Vista but in XP hash.dat is located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\

I’ll post later why I needed to figure this out.