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Pricing an iPhone app: Don’t sell your software short.

I was doing some research trying to decide how to price and promote the app I’m building for the iPhone and I came across this article.┬áIt points out the really obvious fact that if you are trying to do iPhone development full time then you need to charge enough for your app so that you can actually live on what money you do make.

It also points out that the current pricing structure of the app store is flawed. The article states that most if not all apps should be bumped up $10.00 in price, $0.99 apps becoming $9.99, $4.99 becoming $14.99. This is a very valid point, how can anyone expect to live on $0.70 a copy of their software? Don’t say they will make it up in volume because that is much harder than one would think.

I now need to sit down and figure out how much I should charge and make sure that I would actually be able to make money with what I’m planning.