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Graces’ first Halloween: oh god its dark lets cry alot

Grace’s first Halloween didn’t go exactally as planned.
Cute costume: Check
Bag for candy: Check
Safe neighborhood to take her around in: Check
45 minutes of crying: Check

Wait. What? After getting her all dressed up as snow white with a bow and shoes and everything we hopped in the car with her grandma and were off to score some candy. Mmm candy. As we were getting close to where we were going she started to get upset. We figured of was because she didn’t want to be in the car anymore. Boy were we wrong.
She go more and more upset as we walked around. We made it all of 100ft from the car before we decided to go back and take the costume off and see how she was. It didn’t help. She was angry and tired.

Let’s hope thanksgiving goes better.