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April Fools Comes Early in 2008

I was just catching up on my RSS feeds and came across a post on thenichestorebuilder.com linking to Jeremy Schoemaker (aka Shoemoney) where Jeremy shows you how to make $1,000 an hour. About half way into it it gets to be full of static and hissy. I immediately knew where this was going and by the comments on his forum it seems like he did a good job of pulling the wool over some peoples eyes.

In true April Fools fashion thinkgeek.com is up to their usual post some fake products shtick. I actually want to buy two of them though, the first is Spazztroids – Caffeinated Breakfast Cereal. How could this not be good? Caffeine… Check, Crazy Cartoon Icon… Check, Cereal… Check. The second thing I want is the Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock. I’m aware that it wouldn’t be practical but it sure would be a neat thing to show off.

April Fools also seems to hit slashdot and digg hard. On digg tons of stuff gets pushed up to the front page and it all seems interesting but it is a pain to sort out real news from the april fools stories. At least this only happens once a year, where the internet turns to crap…. oh wait…