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democrats argue over texas delegates

I was listening to The Bryant Park Project and hearing about the democratic party freaking out about how Texas will be split. This is craziness. The democrats as a whole need to stop with the bickering and start talking about real issues.

2008 has to be one of the, if not the easiest elections to have a democrat elected. You have the war in Iraq, the economy that has been driven into the ground and national health care as big issues just to name a few. With all of that and the growing disapproval of president Bush it would be very very difficult for a democrat to lose this election.

The democratic party has to understand that America as a whole is afraid of having a black guy or a woman as President. I’m not saying that it will not happen but I do think that lots of Americans are at least still racist at heart. America likes to vote for old white men. There is a proven record of that.

I hope the bickering quites down soon and we can start to get to real issues. That may be too much to ask though.

After all, in the 2004 elections I would have voted for an inanimate object over Bush but we see how well that election went.