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pythonbrew, perlbrew minus Perl plus Python

Recently I wrote about App-perlbrew and wondered if something similar existed for Python. A friend of my showed me pythonbrew. Pythonbrew seems to be directly inspired by perlbrew, it has a very similar command structure and syntax.

Both pythonbrew and perlbrew have a predefined list of supported versions of Python and Perl respectively. It is my personal opinion that this isn’t a good thing. Both Python and Perl list their released versions on their sites and it would be trivial to parse that information. I have a patch for perlbrew that does just that. I have started working on one for pythonbrew today and hope to have it finished and tested in a few days. I should probably send a pull request for the perlbrew patch as it doesn’t do anyone much good sitting in my repository.