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Cookie Cutter SEO Adsense Sites For Sale On eBay

While browsing eBay recently I’ve seen quite a few sites that are for sale with the seller claming they are ‘hand coded’ or ‘one of a kind’. I was looking at a few of them and was stunned by what they were selling for.

There is one particular seller I’ve been watching for a few weeks now. I don’t see anything really wrong with his sites on a technical level. They should make money over time with adsense and any other advertising that is placed on them. What does bother me is how he’s claming the site to be ‘One of a kind’ when this is simply not true. If you select any sentence from any page on his sites and paste it into Google you’ll find at least two other places with the content. To make matters worse he’s stripping the Author tag and link back out of the article and claming it as his own.

This hurts the original author as well as him. It hurts the original author because he or she sat down to write this article and should be getting any link traffic from it to help them bolster their own site. I said it hurts him, which isn’t really true. It isn’t true because he’s not keeping these sites long enough for them to hurt him. He’s selling them on eBay and making anywhere from $50.00 to $450.00 per site with more than one ending every day.

A good friend of mine and I spent some time looking over what he is really offering
in his auctions and see where we could offer something similar but with improvements. After quite a few days of planning and talking and note taking we’re not working on a new project that will emulate what we find to be the up sides of the sites he’s selling while adding more features and value to the package.

We expect to have this new product ready for sale in the next few days. So far I am very impressed with the deal. Here’s a little inside information, you will be getting around $45.00 with of advertising for just the cost of the auction.

I’ll be posting more details, as we get closer to a real release.