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HP Compaq Thin Client T5500 – More useful and simple to setup

The 5500 I ordered of ebay came in the mail the other day. I was having a very busy week and didn’t really have time to play with it until Thursday night.

When I first turned it on it loaded windows ce then auto logged in and tried to connect to an Citrix ICA server. After some quick googleing I found out that by holding F9 while booting the T5500 will reset to its default windows cd settings. Once that was done I was greeted with a pretty simple windows interface with Internet Explorer and could browse the Internet and everything.

At this point I figured I had at least a neat toy if nothing else. I was really hoping I could somehow run linux on it which would make it much more useful for me. I went back to google and found that Puppy Linux has a very small installer that could be made to boot from a USB drive pretty easley, so that’s what I did.

Puppy Linux is actually more useful than I thought it as going to be. It ran well enough on the 733mhz with 128mb of memory that it would be more than usable for a simple email / web / writing terminal.

I wanted to try Knoppix and see how that would run but it was 2am at that point so I decided to leave it where it was and play more once I had time.

I’ve sense played with Knoppix on it and must say that it seem a little sluggish. I think the main limit is the 128mb of memory.

I’ll be posting more updates as I move along with this project. What I’m really looking for is something very similar to the Knoppix Kiosk feature. I’m even considering taking the latest Knoppix and stripping it very much down to get a simple X session with Firefox or Konquerer in a full screen window.

when are Facebook applications going to be useful?

With the rate at which Facebook is growing I’m going to assume that most everyone I know has an account. Normally I wouldn’t feel so conferable about making such a broad generalisation but in the last few weeks I’ve received friend requests from my mother in-law and some people I used to work with years ago.

Now that we are going on the assumption that everyone and their brother has a Facebook account and Facebook has setup their developer program there are literally hundreds if not thousands of applications that you can install. I’ve seen everything. Games like Warbook which is strategy style game which is kinda neat but gets boring quickly. Social applications like Zombies, Warewolves, and Slayers the basic premise of all three of these games is to infect or recruit you’re friends and build yourself and army which can then do battle with other players. To me this isn’t very interesting because you’ll see requests from your friends to join the games again and again. One of the more interesting applications I’ve seen is Friends for sale, this application allows you to buy and sell your friends. You end up making money when you buy one of your friends and then someone buys them from you. This one application has made me start to notice a few things about people.


  • Girls seem to cost more than guys.
  • The more popular someone is the more their cost is.
  • Some people have way way too much time on their hands to be able to afford some of the crazy prices others are going for.


You can acquire money in a few ways with this application.


  • You receive $2,000.00 every time you log-in and check the application, but only every two hours.
  • You receive $10,000.00 for recruiting 10 friends.


At first I thought it would be interesting to script some sort of automagic log-in thing every two hours to build my fortune but I really do have better things to do than hax0r an online facebook application. Then I got to thinking how are these people making the millions they have. I’ve spent some time and the answer that I think fits the question best is that they really do login every two hours to check their facebook account. Call me crazy but I think I can find something better to do than check my facebook page every 2 hours.

I’m really waiting for some new cool applications to come out. I really do understand that the developer program really is very new and that with time the community will grow and evolve. I am looking forward to being able to use the next killer app that will be created by a 14 year old kid in his bedroom late at night.

.htaccess, WordPress and CustomError Pages Oh My!

This site runs WordPress, I also run WordPress on most of my money making niche VRE sites. WordPress does a great job and with plugins like wp-cache and All in One SEO Pack it makes getting a site up with search engine friendly URLS and meta content. It also makes it very easy to add content to your site so you stay indexed and relevant.

One of the big problems I was having recently was WordPress Permalinks we’re causing my awstats to not show up. It looked like mod_rewrite was doing something to the urls and they were being lost.

This didn’t really bother me much because I didn’t look at my stats all that often and when I wanted to take a peak I would disable the .htaccess, take a look then re-enable it.

Tonight this was starting to bother me because it becomes time consuming when you want to look at statistics for 12 sites. I decided to try and see if I could work out the root cause and fix it.

After about 30 minutes of reading and testing various settings I was confused so I decided
to enable mod_rewrite’s rewrite_log option with the RewriteLogLevel set to 9.

Looking at snip from the rewrite_log: – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#87ff3c4/initial] (2) init rewrite engine with requested uri /awstats/ – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#87ff3c4/initial] (1) pass through /awstats/ – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#8956514/initial/redir#1] (2) init rewrite engine with requested uri /401.shtml – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#8956514/initial/redir#1] (1) pass through /401.shtml – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#8956514/initial/redir#1] (3) [per-dir /home/myhostinguser/domains/stupidfoot.com/public_html/] strip per-d
ir prefix: /home/myhostinguser/domains/stupidfoot.com/public_html/401.shtml -> 401.shtml – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#8956514/initial/redir#1] (3) [per-dir /home/myhostinguser/domains/stupidfoot.com/public_html/] applying pattern ‘.’ to uri ‘401.shtml’ – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#8956514/initial/redir#1] (4) RewriteCond: input=’/home/myhostinguser/domains/stupidfoot.com/public_html/401.shtml’ pattern=’!-f’ => matched – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#8956514/initial/redir#1] (4) RewriteCond: input=’/home/myhostinguser/domains/stupidfoot.com/public_html/401.shtml’ pattern=’!-d’ => matched – – [30/Oct/2007:21:21:24 -0400] [www.stupidfoot.com/sid#87f0494][rid#8956514/initial/redir#1] (2) [per-dir /home/myhostinguser/domains/stupidfoot.com/public_html/] rewrite 401.shtml -> /index.php

From that we learn that I have ErrorDocument 401 /401.shtml which means all requests for authenticaton are being sent to /401.shtml and because I don’t have a 401.html we get redirected back to /index.php and index.php thinks we have a story called awstats which we don’t.

There are a few ways you can solve this.

  1. Disable the ErrorDocument by adding ‘ErrorDocument 404 default’ to your .htaccess file
  2. Remove or set ‘ErrorDocument 404 default’ in httpd.conf or your vhost.

I chose method 2 because it was less work for the 12 sites I have running. This setup of custom ErrorDocument(s) is done by some hosting packages, Cpanel and DirectAdmin just to name two.

This should help all of the people who have been having similiar problems who I’ve seen posting on the WordPress forums.